My Lil King is a month old today, looking back at these last few weeks seemed like months of unending cycle of exhaustion but it is not, like everything in life, it gets better.

Living abroad with little or no support system makes it seem more difficult unlike  Nigeria/Africa where you have a pool of people hovering around you when you just have a newborn.

Taking care of twin toddlers and a baby is exhausting, making sure they are bathed, dressed, fed, given optimum attention and so on especially an obsessive compulsive like me who likes everything to be done almost perfectly.

The first few days are the hardest, I was trying to heal from the stress and pains of delivery, I have a newborn who needs me every minutes and hour of the day; he needs to be fed, changed, comforted and there are My Cuties who wouldn’t let you rest, who you know a minute of your eyes off the baby means they turn him to their play mate because they refuse to understand he is very young and needs extra care in handling.

My hormones were always playing tricks on me. I switch between moments of extreme happiness to feeling depressed and crying; this minute, I was feeling cold and the next, I was sweating profusely.

Sleeplessness and breastfeeding of the first few days are headache, the discomfort and pain of engorged breasts and bruised nipples. Sleeping well during the day and mastering the art of properly latching on made it better.

What help most is ROUTINE, My Cuties had already been instituted into a routine; wake up, bath, breakfast, playgroup/learning, snack, nap, lunch, TV/play, snack, dinner, bath and bedtime. Incorporating My Lil King into these seemed difficult at first, our routine was all over the place. Although, I am trying very hard not to overstress myself or be too controlling. Everything is falling into places, these last few weeks are better, he has got his own routine and everyone is happy.

All these seemed like they will never end but time flies and everything gets better.

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  • Remi


  • Aloma

    You now have an experience that every lady will aspire to have. Children are gift from God which will not be general. God bless your home.

  • Fateem

    Wooow…kudos darling! The joy of motherhood can’t be compared. Thanks 4 d inspiration, and my regards to everyone.



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