There are a lot of inexpensive natural beauty products in Africa that I didn’t even know how valuable they are until recently. One of them is the African black Soap, which has several brands , the most popularly one is DUDU OSUN.



The pure African black soap is made from natural ingredients such as plantain leaves, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves and shea tree bark. Dudu osun, in my opinion is a refined and more moisturising form of the pure black soap. It has additional natural ingredients which are honey, osun (camwood), aloe vera, shea butter, lime juice, water and fragrance.



Benefits: Dudu osun has a lot of benefits for skin and hair; it is a very good face and body wash; lightly exfoliates and gives skin a healthy glow, thins out fine lines, evens out dark spots, eases eczema, acne, razor bumps and blemishes. It is also useful for those with dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, sunburn, rashes and a very good cleansing shampoo; it eases dandruff and scalp irritation.


I have used several (expensive & inexpensive) face wash and shampoo, I can boldly say that my skin and scalp is at its best because of this inexpensive (£1) natural gem. Unlike the store bought cleansers and shampoos that I don’t understand the ingredients in them which are most likely carcinogenic, I know what are in this soap and their benefits. Plus getting a 3 in 1 months supply of my cleansers in a £1 soap is a steal for me.

I do not use it in the solid form because it can be too drying especially during the winter months. I usually change it to liquid form and store in bottles with pump for use as a face wash, weekly body exfoliator, cleansing shampoo and makeup brush & beauty sponge cleanser.


Below is how I do that:



  • cut a soap bar into small pieces as shown above
  • soak in 1.5litres of hot water and cover
  • then leave overnight.


By the following morning, it would have dissolved almost completely. I give it a good stir, then store in three 500ml bottles to be used as a daily (morning and night) face wash and weekly body exfoliator (used with exfoliating gloves); shampoo and brush cleanser. Using it in liquid more diluted form reduces its harshness and drying effect.



Dudu osun can be bought in the U.K at most African shops, on eBay  or amazon.

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  • Fehintola

    Dudu Osun!!! E don tey! Used this soap when I was in secondary school. I have an aunt who i’ll spend long hols with and she used this soap. She recommended it to me cuz I had acne and it was alright. I think she gave me like 3 or 4 bars to school. I didn’t use it after that tho, my sisters weren’t black soap fans then so they didn’t buy it for me. One thing I hate about it is it melts easily especially if I left it in a soap dish and there was water in the dish. But it’ll totally work in liquid form like Kenny has shown in her post.

    Now I use black soap all day everyday. I got one from Ghana that I really like. But I think I’m going to give Dudu Osun another try.

    • Kenny Olapade

      You are so right about the melting. That is one of the reasons I turn it to liquid, to avoid the mess. I was spending money on acne face washes and they weren’t doing the job, then I came across Dudu Osun and decided to give it a try. It cleared all the acne and my face has been clear ever since then. Thanks for your love ❤ ❤

  • I am currently using it for my body, but I’ve been thinking of turning it into liquid. Thanks for sharing

    • Kenny Olapade

      You’re welcome dear. Thanks for stopping by my blog ❤❤


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  • Heya i’m thinking about trying this,i have acne prone dry skin do you think it will be ok for my skin type?

    • Yes, it will be. It is a very good exfoliant and has anti acne properties. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  • Kofoworola

    Nice post! As a little girl, we used the local black soap at home till I went to boarding school. My mum was scared of me being teased if I take the black soap to school. But I have started my journey back to natural body care products with Shea butter for my skin and hair as the first step. I should get my black soap soon.



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