Hi guys, It’s been a while! For almost three weeks now, I’ve been busier, I’ve  started uploading beauty videos to my youtube channel , it’s made me inconsistent with my blog posts. I’ve been working on finding a balance between both.
My Lil King is 3 months old, this prompted me to write what we have been up to. A month ago, I wrote about losing my post baby weight, I am still working on losing it, although I am not working hard towards it as I would have loved. I am not so consistent with my exercise and my eating habit is nowhere near healthy. So far, I have lost 3Kg which I will love to give myself little credit but no.

My cuties have started nursery, I shared our first week of nursery & first day on the bus experience here. They love nursery so much. Even on weekends,  they want to go to the nursery. If you want things done,  just say if they don’t do it, they wouldn’t go to the nursery or tell them there is a party, that thing is already done. This doesn’t work all the time, at times,  they mean their NO. We are at that “REBELLIOUS  NO STAGE” as I call it.

My Lil King is getting bigger by the day. Two to three weeks ago now, he has started rolling over, it seems fast to me or maybe I wasn’t ready. You have to be careful where you place him or he might fall.  He is a talkative, he blabs & laughs a lot; those loud giggles especially when his sisters are playing with him.

Being a mum is the most interesting thing in the world even though one to two hours before their  bedtime, I am already drained out. I take succour in knowing that I have two hours to myself every night after they’ve gone to bed to put my feet up, sip hot chocolate and watch some Yoruba films, I’m a T.V addict.

Some people ask how I get them to sleep early as their bedtime is between 6.30pm to 8pm, I will write another blog post on bedtime routine for toddlers and preschoolers but here is a very simple tip, establish a bedtime routine with activity/activities they love to do and look forward to. Mine love to brush their teeth themselves even though you brushing it for them is always a tug of war every morning, so, every night we start by giving them brush and toothpaste; they love story books and at bedtime, they get to choose what you read for them or if they’ll read it (look at the pictures and pretend they know how to read) and round up with lots and lots of hugs. By the time this is over, they are  already in dreamland.

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  • Ok Kenny, I guess we have a lot in common, first I’m a mum, I hav twin girls too and a boy. Then secondly, I’m also 4c natural hair. And then again, here we are, in the blogosphere! Awesome community to meet like-minds. 👍

    • Oh really! It’s interesting . Thanks for stopping by my blog.



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