In life, we all tend to look back at our life and say, yeah! “I  think I’ve got  it right” either as a mother, wife or respective professions. And at times, we take a pause and say “I could have done better”. In as much as I believe no one is perfect & perfection is a disease, I think we should still strife to be better than we were. Looking back at my over three years as a mother, I believe I didn’t get some things right.
We all love it if our kid adopt a positive or good eating habit, I believe so much in feeding your  child at whatever age, their “age-appropriate balanced diet”. Which for toddlers and above should include fruits, vegetables and milk. I tried to incorporate this into their daily diet, they rejected it and I fail to make more effort or push harder. Reason I believe is I myself is not much of a fruit and vegetables eater.

First few weeks of my Lil King’s life, before my lactation became stable, during the erratic stage of lactation which includes a period of little milk on the first day to period of painful breast engorgement in the first week,  I gave him artificial milk or expressed breast milk which he tolerated so well, then I stopped giving bottle after about his one month of life, just breast milk right from the source. These last few weeks, I have been trying to give him expressed breast milk  or at times, artificial milk but he hasn’t been taking the bottle. No matter how uncomfortable the place or time seems, the breast has to come out because he wouldn’t have the bottle

I feel so comfortable feeding my baby outside no matter where but some conditions don’t just seem favourable.

I hope this is a phase and by 6 months when weaning starts, he welcomes the bottle and other modes of feeding.

I can say I am so proud of myself when it comes to my Cuties speech and courtesies but I believe I could do better in using my local language YORUBA when communicating with them. I am still trying so hard to let them understand and speak my language which I can give them 20% for speaking and 70% for understanding the language. I will give myself 2% for my inadequate effort in making them get used to the language.

And for myself, I believe I am so lazy when it comes to exercise and have an unhealthy eating habit. I make little effort towards getting fit. Although,  I am not a fat person but I would have love a more fit  and firm body. My excuses are “I am always so busy”. 10-15 minutes out of my busy schedule everyday  wouldn’t hurt any one but I just tend to forget most days.

Am I too harsh on myself or may be I am not giving myself enough credit as I deserve, or maybe some I COULD HAVE DONE BETTER are so inevitable.

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