If you are like me that joins virtually every motherhood community chat room you come across on the internet/social media, you read or hear about some things that seem so much like a big deal, one of it is the baby massage, you hear people talk about baby massage, baby massage baby massage and you think, it is one big thing that you have to attend baby massage classes for you to be able to perform this “magic” on your baby.
First, what is baby massage? According to Baby Centre, it is a gentle, rhythmic stroking of your baby’s body with your hands. You can use moisturiser or oils to allow your hand glide smoothly over your baby’s skin. You can gently manipulate your baby’s wrists, fingers and ankles. You can hum, sing or talk softly to your little one while massaging.

It is not a new thing. It is practised by many cultures throughout the world. You are probably familiar with this, especially if you are from Africa, I am. When I was young, I remember my mum always massage my youngest brother even though hers seem so intense. Every morning and night after bath, she will throw him up a couple of times to prepare his body for the massage, stretch his teeny weeny arms and feet, lie him flat on her legs and massage his whole body.

Benefits:  it boosts muscle development, calms your baby and encourages bonding with your baby

How it’s done/How I Massage my Lil King: After his morning or evening bath

  • I apply moisturiser all over his body,
  • lie him on his back,
  • put drops of baby oil on my palm,
  • warm it up by rubbing my palms together,
  • then I start from his legs and toes, stretching and rubbing it in a circular motion towards his upper body
  • stretches and rubs his arms and fingers,
  • I massage his chest and tummy gently because of his delicate ribs,
  • stroke his cheeks & forehead,
  • turn him on his back, then gently rub his back.

I maintain eye contact and talk to him throughout the massage, and he responds by giggling. He usually sleeps off few minutes after the massage. Is it the massage that makes him fall asleep or the warm bath, I don’t know. I do know he enjoys being massaged.

I hope you enjoy today’s post? Do you massage your baby? Do you think it is magical? Have you ever attended a baby massage class?  Does your baby love being massaged? Comment below. Please LIKE and SHARE my post. Also, FOLLOW  and SUBSCRIBE to my blog via E-mail.

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  • Great article! My mom and grandma do this alot, I didn’t even know the proper term for it is Baby massages. Like when the baby is just a few days old, there’s is this bath given to the baby where they rub the whole body and also stretch the body as well. i remember feeling sorry for my little cousins cuz they kept crying with all the pulling and stretching and throwing in the air. I was told it help babies not feel sore (or something like that).

    Thanks for sharing. Glad to know it can be easily done by the mother. I read an article by a mother who got someone to do it for her baby and I automatically thought that it’s like taking a baby to a spa, lol.

    • Yes, it is like taking your baby to the spa. I massage my son every morning and night. He loves it.



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