Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. I’m regularly asked how I get my daughters to bed early and get them to sleep; this has prompted me to share our bedtime routine.

The Importance of Sleep: Sleep plays a role in being alert or drowsy, stressed out or relaxed and how that, in turn, may affect temperament, learning and social behaviour. It is as important as food, drink and safety precautions.

How much Sleep Does Toddler Need
: the table below outlines roughly how much sleep toddlers need. These are just average, every child is different, your child may need little less or more sleep than shown in the table

Age Daytime nap Night-time sleep Total sleep
12 months 2hrs 11hrs 30mins 13hrs 30mins
Two years 1hr 15mins 11hrs 45mins 13hrs
Three years 1hr 11hrs 12h

Source: the baby centre

Basics of Good Bed Time Routine: as I mentioned in our daily routine for toddlers and pre-schoolers post, toddlers and pre-schoolers function well with a structured schedule, it makes them have a sense of security about what to expect, this will make them more relaxed and fall asleep easily.

Having a set of activities that your toddler enjoy makes them look forward to bedtime. The activities should be calming, rather than what excites them. Our routine usually starts at 6 pm which is before or after dinner depending on if they had an afternoon nap or not, to ensure that by 7-8pm, they are tucked in.

Below are our bedtime activities, which starts with

Brush Their Teeth:  They love to brush their teeth themselves, I leave them to do it at night, I just guide them through it.

Bath: A nice warm bath is a soothing experience. Getting them clean and dry is a great way to ease them to bed.

Change of Cloth: into a clean set of pyjamas, which they wear themselves. It gives them a feeling of independence.

Have a Chat: about our day and we talk about who is the good or naughty girl of the day and why they are good/naughty. This over the time has had a positive effect on their behaviour.

Read our Favourite Book/Books:  this is our favourite and most interesting time, they usually pick out the book/books to be read. It could be same book/books for both of them or different book/books for each of them (which is most of the time).

We also borrow books from their nursery library

Take a Pee:  so they  don’t have to get up few  hours  into their  sleep  or wet the bed

Pray: bedtime is the best time to teach them how to say prayers, it is usually so calm and they are more attentive.

Saying Goodnight: to everyone and objects. “goodnight daddy” “goodnight mummy” goodnight Faaiz” “goodnight Nadia” “goodnight Nabilah” “goodnight chair” “goodnight mirror” “goodnight teddy” ……

Tucking them in with Hugs, Cuddles & Kisses. 

As much as having a routine is important, so is flexibility.

At times after putting them to bed, they may decide not to sleep, they may fall asleep even before their bedtime.

Our activities vary from night to night. On weekends, they usually sleep late as they are not going to school the following day.


  • Make bedtime activities interesting so they don’t feel they are being forced.
  • Start early before light out so they are not rushed and have time to have fun with each activity.

I hope you enjoy today’s post. How do you get your little ones to bed/sleep? Do you have a routine? COMMENT below. Don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE  my post,  also follow me on BLOGLOVIN or SUBSCRIBE via E-mail.

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  • Lots of great tips here! Bath time always works for us-and my son is used to the routine

    • Yeah, us too. Thanks for stopping by my blog ❤❤❤

    • Thank you. My girls enjoy their bath time too because they get to brush their teeth themselves and play with water. Thanks for stopping by my blog

  • How cute are your little darlings?!
    I really like this routine. You’re an awesome mum!



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