Hi Loves, welcome back to my blog. In today’s post, I will be sharing how I have been weaning my Lil King and our experience so far. Weaning is one of those things I believe has to be got right and done well as it lays foundation for children’s eating habit. Weaning is the process of moving your little one from diet of just milk to solid food too. On the average, weaning should start around 5 to 6 months of age and babies will usually let you know when they  are ready; here are some clues to look out for

  • Sitting and holding their head steady
  • Picking up and putting things in their mouth
  • Showing interest in your food by picking from your plate or dragging the food with you
  • Swallow food when offered

My Lil King started showing all these signs around 5 months but I didn’t start to wean him until 5 months 2 weeks because he had cold. I didn’t want the irritability from the cold to interfere with him enjoying his first meals.

It’s about getting them used to other taste and textures. From experience, babies are usually more receptive to sweet taste and it takes a lot of effort to get them used to bland and savoury tastes such as vegetables. Research shows that giving babies vegetables rather than sweet tastes can help shape their preferences  and teach them to love veggies for life. It is recommended to start babies first on vegetables such as broccoli, peas, cauliflower and carrot.

Although, there are ready made store bought food that are usually marketed as suitable from 4 months. I weaned the twins with these at 4 and half months. This time around, I plan on weaning their brother with home made meals; purees and porridges and he has been tolerating it very well. It is healthier, more fun and less expensive.

I make his purees in batches and I store them in freezer with ice cube trays. I thaw and warm when he is ready to eat. He eats puree at lunch. At times, I add baby milk to the puree to give a familiar taste.

I mix baby rice and baby milk to make porridge. He eats it as breakfast. Recently, I have been adding fruit and he loves it more. I will introduce other porridges such as oat very soon.

I still breast feed him and give lots of water. So far, weaning has been going fantastically well and we look forward to exploring different foods. I plan on making introducing new foods to him as interesting as it can be.

I will be sharing some first meal recipes in my next weaning post. Make sure you subscribe via E-mail ( right hand side if using PC or bottom of the page if using phone) so you don’t miss new posts.

I hope you enjoy today’s post. How do you wean your little one;do you use store bought foods ( like me when I was weaning the twins) or home made foods ( like me now weaning my Lil King)? COMMENT below, leave any questions, suggestions and opinions also in the comment section. I will really appreciate this so we can all learn from one another. Don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE  my post,  also follow me on BLOGLOVIN or SUBSCRIBE via E-mail.

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