Hi Loves,  welcome back to my blog. In my previous weaning posts, I shared that I have been preparing My Lil Kings meal at home since I started weaning him around 6 months which my focus then was on introducing him to other feeds than breastmilk or artificial milk. I started with FRUIT PUREES  which I usually mix in with his breakfast and VEGETABLE PUREES for lunch. It is recommended that you can start introducing protein once your baby tolerates the first stage of weaning. This way, you are moving towards establishing 3 meals a day. Breast milk provides all needed nutrients for babies up to 6 months including Protein.

Protein plays an important role in baby development, it is simply a chain of amino acids that are linked together. The human body needs 22 amino acids, it can only produce 13 of them. Hence, others have to come from external source (food) known as “essential amino acids”, which is then digested and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and used in multitude of functions in the body such as

  • Building muscles
  • Help cell growth
  • Promoting healthy metabolism
  • Building Immune system
  • Providing calories
  • Producing haemoglobin

When Faaiz was almost 7 months old, I started INTRODUCING PROTEIN to him in form of  fish &  chicken  which are complete and animal protein. My focus when preparing his food is making sure it is packed with varying nutrients in good proportion. I will be sharing with you today one of our favourite meals’ recipe.

 Sweet Potato, Carrot & Chicken Puree:  As the name implies, this puree is made using sweet potato, carrot and chicken breasts. Sweet Potato is amazing. Apart from the fact that it is a good carbohydrate, it is packed with other nutrients, it is high in Vitamin A as well as potassium; it also contains good amount of Vitamin E, Calcium and Folate. It is also sweet, that is a plus. 

Chicken is an excellent source of protein, Vitamin B6 and Selenium, a powerful anti-oxidant.

Carrot is a good source Vitamin A and fibre. Vitamin A aids baby’s eyes, fibres aids good bowel movement and prevents constipation. It also contains iron, calcium and Vitamin C.

  • I start by peeling and washing the carrots and sweet potatoes,

  • Then I cook them as well as the chicken.

I added only onion to the chicken, no salt or other artificial flavour

  • Once they are all cooked, I blend into smooth puree and store in the freezer with ice cube trays.

You can substitute the sweet potato for regular potato; other vegetables such as parsnip or cauliflower can be used instead of carrot or added; beef can be used instead of chicken. Mix and match and start making great, delicious and affordable meals for your little one.

Sweet Potato, Cauliflower & Chicken


I wanted to make sure he tolerates and likes this meal before sharing it with you.



If your baby is not tolerating his/her puree, try adding breast milk or artificial milk to give a familiar taste until you don’t need to add it.

I do not add salt or artificial flavours to his food because of his kidneys.

Ensure to give lots of water in between and after feeds.

This does not in any way affect breastfeeding as I still breastfeed him on demand.

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