Hi Loves, welcome back to my blog. In my relaxed hair days, I paid little attention to washing my hair. Most of the time then, I just wash my hair with any shampoo or soap without even conditioning it. Now, that my hair is natural, I pay more attention to how I wash, what I use to wash and when I wash my hair.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you HOW I WASH/CLEANSE MY NATURAL HAIR

There are different ways of washing/cleansing natural hair;

  1. With Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. With a shampoo (moisturising or cleansing)
  3. With a conditioner  (co-wash)

I have never used Apple Cider Vinegar to cleanse my hair because I know the smell will bother me, hence, I use the Shea Moisture JBCO Shampoo which contains Apple Cider Vinegar without the disturbing smell.


How I Wash My Hair. I have an average of four wash days in a month

  •  Week 1:  Clarifying Shampoo
  •  Week 2:  Co-wash
  •  Week 3:  Co-wash or moisturising shampoo
  •  Week 4:  Co-wash



  1. Shampoo:  there are two types of shampoo; clarifying & moisturising shampoo.
  • Clarifying Shampoo cleanses hair and scalp by TOTALLY stripping it off all dirts & products build up and at time its oils. This is why it is advisable to pre-poo hair before washing with a clarifying shampoo.



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  • Moisturising Shampoo also cleanses hair but it won’t strip it, it won’t totally get rid of product build up and it may not give scalp a good aerable cleanse.


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Some people prefer using a moisturising shampoo to clarifying one as they are afraid  it will dry their hair out. I do not share this concern because I always pre-poo my hair before shampoo, then follow with a moisturising hair mask, moisturise and seal. I believe it is necessary to give hair & scalp that deep cleanse once a month.

When shopping for shampoo, avoid shampoos that contain salt, propylene glycol, sulphate and parabens.

2.       Co-wash: is simply washing with a conditioner. This is similar to using a moisturising shampoo but no lather and has milder effect on hair. It cleanse hair without stripping it of its moisture and oils. It doesn’t dry hair out. You simply wash the hair like you would a shampoo. Apply the conditioner to the hair, run hands through it, then wash it off. It is different from deep conditioning; where you leave the hair mask/deep conditioner in for a long period of time  (20-30 minutes) so the hair absorbs needed and necessary moisture and nutrients.

There are conditioners specifically made for co-wash, I use regular conditioners.


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When shopping for conditioners, avoid the ones that contain silicone. It forms a coat over hair and may not allow moisture to penetrate hair shafts.


Here are a few things I do/tips you may keep in mind when washing your hair;

  • Pre-poo hair before using a clarifying shampoo to prevent or reduce stripping it of its moisture and oils.
  • Prepare hair for wash by placing hair in four or more sections to make working on the hair easier as you work on one section at a time
  • Shampoo scalp first and with the most generous amount of product.
  • Use less shampoo on the hair, as rinsing the shampoo applied to the scalp out will normally clean the hair too.
  • I massage the scalp in a circular motion with the bulbs of my fingers rather than finger nails as they can scratch & cut the scalp skin.
  • I always rinse shampoo or co-wash out with warm water to open up the cuticles in prep for the hair mask/deep conditioner. I rinse hair mask or deep conditioner out with cold water to close the cuticles.
  • I dry my hair with a cotton t-shirt rather than a towel to avoid frizzy hair.


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  • Fehintola

    I finally got a shea moisture shampoo and conditioner. I got a friend coming from the US to bring it to Nigeria for me, I’m super excited and can’t wait to try it.
    I don’t know why I haven’t made my own DI Black soap, I got my black soap from Ghana and I use it to bath. I should probably try it for my hair, see the difference.
    Thanks for sharing Kenny. Your posts usually gives a lot of explanation and advice.

    • Kenny Olapade

      I’m glad you finally got them. Thank you for your kind words ❤ ❤



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