Welcome back to my blog Loves. If you know me well, you know I am a proper Yoruba woman who loves swallow foods (okele). It is important to me that my kids know how to eat it. Amala, pounded/poundo yam, Eba are foods high in Carbohydrate and complementing it with Protein & Vitamin rich soup can provide most of the nutritional needs for the day, not just for kids, adults too.

I remember when my mum was weaning my little brother, she will usually give him Amala with Ewedu & fish soup as lunch. When I was weaning the twins, what came naturally to me is the Ewedu soup & Amala which is their FAVOURITE FOOD of all time.

I have started initiating Faaiz into the Amala Gang as well giving him with baby version of draw soups as the family soup normally contains salt or artificial flavours, which his Kidney is not yet developed to process. I also add fish to his soup to make it tasty and richer in nutrient. Today, I will be sharing with you two soup recipes for babies that goes well with amala or any other swallow food;  Ewedu & Fish Soup        and      Okra, Spinach & Fish Soup.

Ewedu (Molokhia), Okra & Sprinach  are very good vegetable with lots of prominent nutritional components which include Fiber, Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Selenium, Vitamins A, C, E, K & B6 and Niacin.  

Fish especially oily  ones; salmon, mackerel & sardine are a good source of protein, high in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D.         I use Mackerel fish.


Ewedu & Fish Soup Recipe: In UK, we don’t get fresh ewedu, it’s usually in grated & frozen form, packed in plastic bag.


  • I wash the fish and cook until it is properly cooked
  • I let the ewedu thaw at room temperature


Boiled mackerel (Alaran) fish & thawed Ewedu


  • I debone the fish & blend the two



  • Then I cook it on low heat for 10-15 minutes. I’m careful not to overcook the vegetable, so it doesn’t lose it’s nutrients and drawness.


served with hot Amala




Okro, Spinach & Fish Soup: is very similar to the ewedu & fish soup.



  • I start by cutting the okro head and tip, then wash


  • Defrost the Spinach (I cut my Spinach before hand & freeze it in portions)



  • I blend them together



I divide into 2 and freeze the second portion


  • I cook & debone the fish
  • Then I cook the soup on low heat

  • Blend




I started feeding him solid when he was 7 and half months old. He didn’t tolerate it at first but with continual, non-relentless effort, he eats it very well now. It took us almost a month before he eats it with less stress.



  • I do not add salt or artificial flavours to his food because of his kidneys.
  • Ensure to give lots of water in between and after feeds.
  • This does not in any way affect breastfeeding as I still breastfeed him on demand.


Please check out my previous weaning posts to know more about what we have been eating; all linked below.


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