Welcome back to my blog Loves. Makeup is very tricky and can be frustrating at times especially for beginners. I am starting a basic makeup series on my blog which I have already talked about how to choose the right foundation.    In today’s post, I’ll be talking about how to prepare skin for foundation to have a flawless, non-streaky or cakey finish.



When I first got into makeup; I always wondered why my foundation wouldn’t look flawless or skin-like, why it wouldn’t blend seamlessly. At times, the problem isn’t the foundation itself, it’s the skin in which the foundation is applied to. Skin preparation for makeup application  depends on your skin type. I have combination skin; dry on the cheeks and forehead & oily in my T-zone. I focus more on my dry areas, oily nose doesn’t really bother me. If skin is dry & patchy, it is most likely the foundation applied; drugstore or highend will come out patchy and streaky or cakey.


To prepare my face for foundation, I follow these 5 easy steps:

1.     Cleanse with a gentle face wash to remove any traces of dirt from the skin surface. I use my DIY African Black Soap face wash every morning.


2.   Exfoliate to get rid of dry patches and dead cells. My cheeks  and forehead are usually dry and at times patchy. I use a moisturising face scrub; The Body Shop Vitamin E face scrub or my DIY sugar scrub.

3.     Tone: I don’t use a toner very often  in the morning, I use it only if need be. For more moisture or to cleanse my face if time has passed between the time I wash my face and when I sat down to apply my makeup. I use a moisturising toner; The Body Shop Vitamin E toner.


4.     Moisturise: this is very important. For daytime glam, I use a lightweight moisturiser with spf (for some protection from the sun). For night time or if flash photograph is gonna be taken, I use a light weight moisturiser with no spf (spf can cause flash back or white cast in flash photography). I use the B. Radiant Day Cream or B. Nourished Night Serum.


5.     Prime: a primer forms a barrier between the face and makeup. There are different types of primers that do different things (hydrating, mattifying, illuminating), depending on your skin type or the kind of finish you desire. Silicone primers are my favourite as they fill in pores and create a smooth surface for the foundation to be applied. They also serve as a protective barrier that prevent moisturiser and skin oil from mixing with the foundation which may easily cause the foundation to oxidise (go darker on the face). My favourite primer to use is the Loreal Infallible Mattifying Base; review here.



Its advisable to wait a minimum of 10-15 minutes between moisturising and  priming & between  priming and foundation application so the products have time to really sink in.

The most important thing is to have a working skincare routine to always have the skin in top notch condition because makeup sits well and looks better on a flawless skin. Makeup is like art, if painted on a bumpy canvas, it will show through in the result.

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