Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. This is the continuation of the “makeup basics” I started, please check out my previous posts; how to choose the right foundation & skin prep for a flawless base. In today’s post, I will be sharing with you  a step I recently included in my foundation routine that has  changed my makeup game; it’s   COLOUR CORRECTION.

COLOUR CORRECTION simply means using a colour corrector  (colour correcting concealer) to cancel out or neutralise a blemish, dark spots, redness, under eye bags, e.t.c. This reduces the amount of foundation needed to get a full coverage look. At times, full coverage foundation doesn’t cover up all the blemishes on the face, they still have a way of peeking through, then in order to avoid this, we tend to cake up more foundation than needed resulting in a cakey finish. Thank God for colour correcting concealers which is used to neutralize or cancel out the dark spot, acne scars, eye bags, redness, blemish, e.t.c. hence reducing the amount of foundation needed for a full coverage, all blemishes covered makeup look.

Colour correctors are different from regular concealers, they come in different colours and work for different things and skin tones.

  • Orange: for cancelling out, covering or reducing dark spots, under eye dark circles, acne scars, and skin discolouration or uneven skin tone in dark skin.


from google

  • Peach: is more suitable for medium skin tone to cancel out dark spots, acne scars, skin discolouration, e.t.c.

from google

  • Pale pink/Pink: for blue-toned spots on fair skin.

from google

  • Yellow:  for hiding purple or blue bruises, veins and under eye circles on tan or olive skin.

from google

  •  Purple/Lavender:  for eliminating any unwanted yellow undertones on the skin.

from google

  • Green: to camouflage redness in medium to fair skin.

from google

**** A concealer couple of shades darker can also be used to conceal dark spots.

Many makeup brands; drugstore and highend have correctors, it depends on what you want or want to go for.

I’m dark skinned, to cover my dark spots, acne scars and dark circles, I use the orange concealer from L.A. Girl Cosmetics  before going in with my foundation and I’ve been loving the finish; natural looking dewy and skin-like.



  • I start on a cleansed, moisturised and primed skin

  • Then I apply the orange corrector on my dark spots and under my eyes to cover my dark circles

  •  I blend it into my skin

  • I apply my foundation; the Loreal True Match Foundation in 10W. I use 1 & half pump for a full medium to full coverage look, which I would normally use 2 to 2 & half pumps.

  • Highlight & contour, set my face with a finishing powder, apply blush & highlight and set my face with a finishing spray.


  • Don’t use too much or you may end up looking orangey and make sure to blend it well before applying foundation.
  • I wouldn’t recommend using red or orange lipstick like some Instagram beauty guru do. Lipstick is usually too pigmented and can be difficult to blend.

I hope you enjoy today’s post Loves. Please make sure to check out my previous  foundation basics posts.  Please let me know in the COMMENT SECTION below if you find these tips helpful. Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE via E-MAIL. Follow my blog via BLOGLOVIN and check out my Youtube Channel.




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  • Mayra Brito

    I love your explanation and beautiful photos. Your makeup application is flawless!

    • Kenny Olapade

      Thank you. I appreciate your kind words ❤ ❤

  • Gorgeous skin girl! Love the info here, so helpful. I’m more of a tan skinned tone with yellow undertone. I’ve always been so confused with the colour correction stuff haha

    • Kenny Olapade

      Thanks dear. I’m glad you find it helpful. I appreciate your support ❤ ❤

  • Nice post! I definitely need to try an orange corrector. It’s been awhile since I’ve used one and my dark circles are horrible lol

    • Kenny Olapade

      Thank you. You should. I just got into it and I’ve been loving it. Thanks for stopping by my blog ❤ ❤

  • Poppy Demchy-Cooper

    This is such a great post ❤️ I love it how you explained each product and how to use it 😍 I’ve never been too sure so thanks for the informative post 💗

    • Kenny Olapade

      Thanks dear. I’m glad you find it helpful



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