Welcome back to my blog Loves. Having twins is beautiful and wonderful. Double the blessing, double the fun, and twice as nice but they can wear you out with their double trouble. Apart from normal toddler tantrums and very rebellious attitudes and behaviours, my twin toddlers have to take theirs up a notch to ensure mummy is always worn out by the end of the day.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you 5 WEIRD THINGS MY TWIN TODDLERS DO

1.      Everything is a COMPETITION: From who sits on the passenger side of the car to who stays on the farther end of the bath tub during bath to who you cream body for or dress up for first. Everything is a competition. Your memory has to be on point all the time so you know whose turn it is cos they’ll ask you countless time a day “whose turn is it today” which if you can’t remember will turn to a big fight.

2.      They are always FIGHTING: they fight over everything. They have 2 of everything, yet they fight on one. You have to mark everything with their names or colour code it. Separating their fight is so tiring. I make sure to keep their nails short and have their hair done. If not, they’ll pull each other’s hair or eyes out.

3.     You have to GET THEIR NAMES RIGHT all the time: if you call Nadia Nabilah or Nabilah Nadia, they’ll make sure you call them by their correct name before they do what you ask them to do. They tell you “I’m Nadia, not Nabilah”.

4.       They are always on EACH OTHER’S SIDE: you can’t punish one without the other interfering and interceding on her behalf.

5.     They have DIFFERENT TEAMS: Which if you are nice to Nadia, then you can join her team. If you are nice to Nabilah, you have automatic ticket to join her team. When they’re fighting, you have to choose whose team you are on.

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  • Lol! Too cute.

    • Kenny Olapade

      Thank you ❤❤

  • Fehintola

    You’re girls are so cute. And they sound like a lot of work. Great job Kenny! I pray to have twins someday. Saving all my energy for them. 😂😂😂

    • Kenny Olapade

      Ameen. Yes, they are a lot of work. Lol.

  • Azra Haracic

    They are so cute. Loved reading this, very fun little post. xx


    • Kenny Olapade

      Lol. Thank you ❤❤



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