Welcome back to my blog Loves. These past four years has been the busiest and most challenging years of my life. Nothing really prepares you for being a mother, you learn on the job and to be frank, IT’S NOT EASY. At times, it gets really chaotic;  each day, every minutes comes with its own challenges. In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing with you MY SURVIVAL TIPS/GUIDES AS A MOTHER OF 3.

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These are the TIPS/GUIDE  that keeps me on top of my game and makes my life easier. They may seem irrelevant and most of the time overlooked but they go a long way in helping me keep my sanity

1.    Have a Working Daily Routine: I am a routine-obsessed person, I have routine for everything; from waking up to going back to bed which I found has really helped me. This makes sure that there is consistency in everything we do, provides stability and kids love to know what to expect at every minute of the day. So, when I say it’s time to sleep, nap, read, eat, I don’t have to repeat myself multiple times because they are already expecting it.


2.    Learn to Delegate: At times, as women, we feel it’s our responsibility to do the house chores because it is what is “EXPECTED” of us, especially for us Stay at Home Mums. This will only result in burn out and frustration. I have learnt to delegate “age-appropriate tasks” to my kids without excluding their dad.


3.    Teach your kids to be Independent: especially during play time. This was easier with Nadia & Nabilah because they are twins and they have each other to play with. It’s more difficult to teach Faaiz to play by himself because he’s the clingy type  but we are almost there. You will learn that Tablets and TV are saviours most of the time



4.    Make Peace with the Mess:  I learnt the hard way that my house will not always look spotless. Cleaning up toys and sweeping can be so tiring, now imagine doing it countless times a day. I have scheduled our cleaning (we now do it together) for 2-3 times a day; mid-day and evening.



5.    Go out More: to playgroups, playgrounds, parks, e.t.c. They make friends and play with other kids and are already tired by the time you get home. You also get to spend time with them OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE.


6.    Your Pictures will not always be perfect: not everyone will always look in the camera. Although, this may seem random, it can stress you out to the brim.  I have made peace with this a long time ago. Our pictures are gonna come out how they are gonna come out, at least each person’s personality will show through the pictures.




7.    DON’T COMPARE your Kids to Others: not even to their siblings. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Every child will sit, crawl, grow teeth, walk at his/her own time. Some will love indoor activities than outdoor. One will like writing or drawing while the other may love reading stories. So let them be and help them flourish  rather than talking down on them or comparing them.


8.    Make yourself a Priority: when was the last time you had a relaxing bath? treat your skin? put on makeup? do your hair? meet with friends? have an indoor/outdoor date with your partner? Take a long relaxing nap?   I have a WORKING SELF-CARE ROUTINE for myself.  I make time for my skincare, makeup, hair, exercise, partner, e.t.c. 10 minutes break/nap is all you need at times. When you invest a little time in yourself, you are more recharged and ready to take on anything. Everyone benefits, especially your kids, you become less cranky and have less anger.


a happy mother makes happy kids


I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Please lemme know your SURVIVAL TIPS in the COMMENT section  below.

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  • This was fun and enlightening to read. I’ll save these tips till when I have children. I loved your last tip best, I see a lot of mothers forget to take care of themselves or create time for their partners because of their children and I constantly remind myself to ensure that (when I become a mum) I create time for myself and my partner.

    Great tips Kenny. Your babies look very beautiful.

    • Kenny Olapade

      Thanks dear. I had that mind set too before I started having kids, although, it was tougher to pay a little attention to myself in the beginning but now, I’ve got the hang of it and I have more time for myself



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