The second and third most important thing I feel everyone should know about their hair is their Hair Texture/Width & Density. The first I already talked about here (natural hair porosity) and the last one is hair type/curl pattern.



NATURAL HAIR TEXTURE/WIDTH: is the size/thickness of each individual strands of your hair. It’s more important than knowing your hair type/curl pattern because it’ll help you know how much manipulation your hair can handle.

Test to know your Hair Texture/Width

  1. take a strand of your and hold it up in good light.
  2. If the hair is very wide and easily visible, then you have thick/coarse hair.
  3. If it’s so thin that you can hardly see it, you have fine hair.
  4. If your hair appears neither thin nor coarse, you have medium width hair.




Like natural hair porosity, you can have more than one hair texture.


  • Coarse Hair: has thick strands that are very wide in circumference, making them the strongest of all hair textures. It’s easier to manage as it can handle more manipulation, chemical treatment & heat and is less susceptible to breakage or damage as they are strong and elastic.


  • Medium Texture: has hair strands that are strong and elastic, and neither too thin nor too thick. Medium width hair is also somewhat resistant to damage, making it easy to maintain length.


  • Fine Hair: has thin strands that are small in circumference and is very delicate and easy to damage. It’s more susceptible to breakage and damage and it’s often difficult to maintain length with fine hair.


  1. Deep conditioning is a good way to strengthen fine hair.
  2. You have to learn the art of properly detangling your hair without causing breakage.
  3. Keep manipulation of your hair to a minimum to avoid unnecessary breakage by reducing the use of combs and brushes.
  4. Stay away from high-maintenance hairstyles/routine.



NATURAL HAIR DENSITY is the total amount of hair on your entire head. While hair texture measure individual strands of hair, hair density is how closely packed together those hair are on your head. Knowing your hair density will let you know what style and what method of styling suits you most to maintain your hair volume.


How to Know Your Hair Density: The most accurate way is to ask someone count each individual strand of hair on your head but since that is impractical,

  • ask somenone look at your hair from every angle
  • preferably when it’s dry cos wet hair can look frumpy
  • if they can easily see your scalp, you have low density hair
  • if it’s not easy/impossible to see your scalp, you have high density hair 
  • if they can see some of your scalp, you have medium density hair



Low Density Hair: use lightweight products that won’t weigh your hair down. If you like big hair. Do styles/use techniques that will give you more volume. E.g. for wash n go; use the shingling method and for twist/braid outs, separate your curls more to have more volume.


High Density Hair:  choose heavy products such as gels, creams and butters to hold your curls together.


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