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    One of the common causes of set back for most naturals is excessive shedding and breakage. Although, it’s normal to have minimal shedding and breakage while manipulating our hair, but once it becomes above normal, it can slow down length retention.

    There are a lot of things that causes hair shedding and breakage, knowing what causes yours is the key to stopping and preventing it.

    In today’s post, I’ll be sharing COMMON CAUSES OF HAIR SHEDDING & BREAKAGE AND HOW TO STOP/PREVENT IT with Simple Solutions and my Special Treatments.


    How to stop hair Breakage



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    Apart from intrinsic factors such as stress, diet, medication side effect, hormones, e.t.c. Other causes of hair breakage/shedding are

    1. DRYNESS: This is the commonest cause of hair shedding or breakage. Moisture from moisturising hair masks and moisturisers strengthens our hair strands. Lack of or inadequate moisture in our hair makes it prone to shedding and breakage; little manipulation that the hair would normally handle would cause it to break/shed. 


    • Moisturise your hair properly and regularly,
    • Deep condition regularly with a good moisturising hair mask to give it shots of moisture.
    • See  how to properly moisturise your hair HERE and deep conditioning routine + DIY Moisturising hair mask HERE




    2.   PROTEIN DEFICIENCY: Our hair needs to maintain its moisture-protein balance at all time, deficiency or overload of either will cause breakage/damage. Protein treatment restores and maintains the keratin in our hair strands to strengthen and increase its elasticity.


    • Have a working routine for your hair that includes protein treatment,
    • Protein treatment can be DIY/Store bought. See full blog post HERE,
    • Protein treatment should be spaced and not done too often; it can make your hair too difficult to manage.
    • I do my protein treatment every 2 months and it works for my hair.




    3.   PRODUCT BUILDUP: If we leave our hair too long without clarifying it, the products we apply to it  builds up and it becomes difficult for the hair to pick up further products applied. The product build up also weighs it down and it starts to shed/break.


    • Cleanse your hair as often as needed with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all products previously applied and have a start over,
    • Do not overdo it because clarifying shampoos can be drying,
    • Maintain a balance between co-wash, using moisturising shampoo and clarifying shampoo.
    • I cleanse my hair with clarifying shampoo every 2 weeks. See how to cleanse natural hair post HERE.

    Cleansing my Hair




    4.   “BAD” ENDS: If the ends of your hair are matte and ragged, it makes it difficult to detangle and manipulate, placing more strain on the hair and causing it to break.


    • Trim your hair regularly as often as needed to avoid this.
    • I trim my hair every 5-6 months and it works for my hair. See how to trim natural hair post HERE.


    5.   USING WRONG TOOLS & METHOD TO DETANGLE: as easy as it may seem, detangling can make or break your hair. Using the wrong comb or not knowing how to properly detangle your hair taking into account your hair density (volume), width (how thin/thick it is) and type (curl pattern) can cause chunky parts of your hair to break during detangling.


    • Learn how to properly detangle your hair by asking for help or watching how people with similar hair density, width or curl pattern do it,
    • Use your fingers first to ease up the tangle,
    • Use large tooth comb to detangle,
    • Use conditioner with good slip generously.
    • See how to properly detangle natural hair HERE.




    6.    NOT PROTECTING IT: This is another common reason our hair breaks/shed. Not protecting it correctly can cause our hair to break.


    • Use satin headwrap/bonnet or sleep on satin pillow case to avoid friction between your hair and cotton sheets,
    • Don’t wear protective styles for too long and care for your hair while in a protective style.




    Those are the common reasons natural hair sheds/breaks. So, after taking all these into consideration, if my hair still sheds/breaks,  these are my special treatments that works for me every time.

    1. PROTEIN TREATMENT: I do this every 2 months and it strengthens my hair and stops any breakage/shedding I may be experience.
    • I use egg, yoghurt, honey, conditioner and oils,
    • Mix them together and apply to my hair,
    • I leave it in for about 30 minutes and rinse it off.
    • See protein treatment post HERE.


    2.    TEA RINSE: This is the mother of all treatments for me when it comes to shedding and breakage. It works so well and has never failed me.

    • I use regular tea, bag
    • I drop it in a bowl of hot water for couple of minutes just like making tea, 
    • Let it cool down and spray it on my hair after shampoo.
    • I leave it in there for about 15-30 minutes then follow up with protein treatment.
    • I do these 2 treatments together every 2 months, I call it “my special treatment wash day” see video HERE.


    3.    RICE WATER RINSE: I just started doing this and my hair loves this treatment. I use it on my hair every wash day (every 2 weeks). 

    • I soak regular rice in water overnight
    • Sieve it and spray the rice water on my hair after shampoo
    • I leave it in my hair for about 20-30 minutes and deep condition.
    • See how to make Rice Water HERE.



    Now, I hardly have breakage/shedding while manipulating my hair.




    My thick 4C hair



    I hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful. Share how you stop/treat hair breakage/shedding BELOW. Please LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE to my blog via E-mail.  Follow my blog via BLOGLOVIN or subscribe via E-MAIL and check out my Youtube Channel.



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