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You already know I cherish my DIYs when it comes to my hair care. I believe I can tailor them to my hair needs and most often they never disappoint. The major plus is most of them are cheap to make using readily available products. In today’s post, I’m gonna be sharing MY TOP 5 tested and trusted DIYs for natural hair care.


How to grow long natural hair with DIYs



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1.     AFRICAN BLACK SOAP SHAMPOO: This is the holy grail of DIYs. This inexpensive, easy to make shampoo is my favourite shampoo. It’s amazing for any scalp condition, it clarifies hair without making it dry. It always leaves my hair and scalp squeaky clean and fresh. I add some essential oils (tea tree & peppermint oil) to tailor it to my scalp need; to treat and prevent dandruff, dry & itchy scalp. This combination is also amazing for facilitating blood flow to the scalp and promoting hair growth.

I also use this for my daily face wash. See how I make it HERE.


DIY African Black Soap Shampoo



2.    WHIPPED SHEA BUTTER MIX: another DIY that’s amazing. This takes more effort, time & a bit more expensive to make. I use Raw Shea butter and other amazing oils (coconut, olive, Jamaican black castor & olive oil). Adding oils to shea butter and whipping it makes it lightweight and easier to apply. Also, all these oils and Shea butter have amazing benefits on hair and scalp.

I use it to deep condition by adding it to any hair masque I’m using, I use it to moisturise my hair, add shine to my hair, for scalp massage and this is perfect for growing out edges (add peppermint oil to make it work faster).

I believe every household should have this gem in their home, I don’t use it for my hair alone, I also add it to my moisturisers for that melanin-rich glow. See how I make it HERE.




3.    RICE WATER RINSE: When the wave about this DIY started, I was one of those people who condemned it, I never thought I’ll be this hook on it. It helps reduce hair shedding/breakage and it always leaves my hair soft and lightweight after use. It’s a mini lightweight protein treatment so it shouldn’t be used too often. See how I make it HERE.


DIY Rice Water



4.     AVOCADO & BANANA HAIR MASK: anytime my hair is dry, this is what I use to revive it. It’s extremely moisturising and easy to make. It’s a little messy when applying to here but it’s worth it. I use avocado, banana, honey and my diy whipped Shea butter or oils. All these have great moisturising benefits on hair. See how I make it HERE.


DIY Avocado & Banana Hair Mask



5.    ONION & GINGER JUICE: This is one DIY that I don’t use too often because it’s a bit more challenging to make and it has a strong scent. If not careful, the scent can linger in hair. I will recommend this if you need to grow out your edges, have bald spots or need more assistance with hair growth. If your hair grows out at a good rate, you may not want to bother with this. However, I believe it does a good job of facilitating hair growth. See how I make it HERE.


Onion & Ginger Juice for Hair Growth



These are my favourite DIYs when it comes to my natural hair, I believe this will work great on other hair types as well. Other DIYs you may give a try are DIY Tea Rinse & DIY Protein Treatment.


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