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    Welcome back, guys. Dark spots and hyperpigmentations can be so difficult to fade. Especially, if you are working with a strict budget and still want the best products that work effectively. Finding the right product in an array of products from brands with high claims makes it even more challenging to find the “good ones”. In recent time, I had dark spots from acne scarrings, hence, I invested so much energy in finding the best products that work faster in fading them, this further threw me into the world of skincare in hunt of “the best products”. So, in today’s post, I will be sharing from my experience, 5 PRODUCTS THAT WORK WELL IN FADING DARK SPOTS.


    5 Cheap Products that Fades DARK SPOTS


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    1.    SUPERDRUG VITAMIN C FACIAL BOOSTER: I have been using Vitamin C products since the incept of my skincare interest. I can vouch for the effectiveness of this ingredient. However, I have used from several brands and my favourite remains the Superdrug Vitamin C Booster. This was recently upgraded to be better; the Vitamin C 10% Facial Booster, which is a more concentrated form of the original serum and works faster and more effectively.


    • smooths out imperfections and evens skin tone
    • revives skin complexion
    • improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


    See detailed review HERE

    Superdrug Vitamin C Serum for DARK SPOTS



    2.     The ORDINARY NIACINAMIDE 10% + ZINC 1%: Diving into the ordinary skincare range made me come across this gem. I was using it originally, then, I got bored and wanted to try new things, so, I pushed it to the back of the cabinet. Then, I had dark spots and from my findings discovered I have a gem on my beauty cabinet. I whipped it out and started using it and voila, my skin texture and tone changed. My dark spots started fading faster and yeah!!! this product is lit!!!



    • It not only fades dark spots but also,
    • minimises pores,
    • regulates sebum production,
    • reduces fine line and wrinkles,
    • keeps skin firm,
    • and treats hyperpigmentation.

    Give it a go!!! See detailed review HERE


    The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% for DARK SPOTS



    3.    SUPERDRUG OPTIMUM RETINOL BOOSTER DROPS: Although, I am a skincare addict, however, when it comes to “big chemicals” like this, I get scared. Then, I summoned the courage to try one of the retinol serums from amazon but it was nonsense, made my skin worse, I hated it. Then, one day, I came across the Superdrug owned brand retinol, I decided to give it a go as I trust their skincare products, and oh my goodness!!!! This was what my skin needed. It’s a product that does so much and is amazing. I incorporated it into my daily night routine and I haven’t looked back since then. My skin started getting better and yeah!!! give it a try.


    • reduces the appearance of dark spots, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles
    • aids collagen production
    • exfoliates the skin
    • speed up skin renewal
    • fight free radicals


    Review coming soon.


    Superdrug Retinol for DARK SPOTS



    4.    The ORDINARY AHA 30% + BHA 2% PEELING SOLUTION: This is where one needs to tread carefully as this is a really strong exfoliant that shouldn’t be used too often or recklessly. I use this peeling solution once a week to exfoliate my skin. It’s really effective in fading dark spot and revealing a youthful glow.



    • exfoliates and fights blemishes for a brighter and clearer complexion
    • extends deeper into the skin to clear pore congestions
    • reduces whiteheads and blackheads


    See detailed review HERE


    The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% for DARK SPOTS



    5.    PIXI GLOW TONIC: This is the most expensive skincare product I own lol. It is another form of AHA (glycolic acid) but in milder concentration. I used to use the ordinary glycolic acid toner but it was too harsh for my skin. Then I decided to get this one which has a lesser concentration of glycolic acid (5%, the ordinary – 7%) and it irritates my skin less. It also has additional ingredients such as aloe vera and ginseng that soothes and hydrates to buffer the harsh effect of the glycolic acid. It works by exfoliating the outer surface of the skin gradually to reveal a brighter, more glowy and lively complexion.


    Pixi Glow Tonic for DARK SPOTS



    These are the 5 products I live by to cast away any form of acne scarring, dark spots, hyperpigmentation on my skin. And also, to maintain youthful glowy skin. I will recommend using a combination of about 3 or 4 of these products for a faster effect. Subscribe to my blog as in my next post, I will be sharing, how to safely combine skincare products to enhance their effectiveness

    N.B: All these products increase the skin sensitivity to sun, hence, sunscreeen is a must every day; either going out or not, wearing makeup or not.

    Also, don’t forget to moisturise.


    Cheap Products to Fade DARK SPOTS


    Cheap Products to Fade DARK SPOTS




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